Fishing Charters in Sydney

Apart from our other services that Sydney Boat Hire has to offer we also provide our customers with fishing charters. A city with the water culture that Sydney has provides many forms of entertainment not just the many events in the harbour and fishing is a major part of this.

Our fishing charters are the perfect experience for people who enjoy fishing at all levels. All of our fishing charters are equipped with the finest technology and equipment enabling you to have a successful day fishing.

Aboard one of our fishing charters you will be treated to an expert skipper and crew taking you out past the heads of Sydney harbour to experience a variety of fishing adventures wether it be deep sea fishing, game, sport or reef fishing our crew know where the ‘hot spots’ are. The waters surrounding Sydney are some of the finest fishing grounds that a major city has.

Get your camera ready to snap a photo with your big catch to show your friends wether it be the top trophy marlin or the elusive yellowfin tuna, your friends will be asking for your secret!

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Wahoo is a 39ft flybridge cruiser fitted with all the latest in electronic fishing-seeking devices as well as the latest fishing tackle.  She is fast, high sea worthy, and fishes eight fishermen in absolute comfort. Being a flybridge cruiser, she is ideally suited to chasing big marlin and tuna.  The fishing deck has plenty of room for maneuver and you can take your choice of stand-up game fishing, or using a game fishing chair.
At the end of the day, you will be able to sit back and take in the beautiful scenery and reflect on the day’s incredible fishing over a couple of refreshing drinks.

REEF FISHING (up to 10 people)

$1200 – Morning reef fishing (6:30am – 1:00pm)

$1100 – Afternoon reef fishing (1:30pm – 6:00pm)

Sport Fishing

$1850 -Morning sport fishing (6:30am – 1:00pm)

$1850 – Afternoon sport fishing (1:30pm – 6:00pm)

Game Fishing 

$250 per person for first 7 people.

$400 per person from the there after


The Avalon is a very modern 55ft (17m) vessel that will get you to the hot spots with minimum of time wasted in travel.  You will also appreciate the quick return to harbour after a long day’s fishing.
As with the Wahoo, the Avalon also has the latest in electronic gear and the very latest in safety equipment.  She is licnesed to carry up to 23 passengers, but for your comfort, we limit the number to around 20
Get your workmates, fishing buddies or your family together to enjoy a safe and exciting day’s fishing with the Avalon.

REEF FISHING (up to 10 people)

$120pp min 12 max 23 guests (6:30am – 1:00pm) or (1:30pm – 6:00pm)

Sport Fishing

$2220 up to 12 guests -Morning sport fishing (6:30am – 1:00pm)

$2220 up to 12 guests -Afternoon sport fishing (1:30pm – 6:00pm)

Game Fishing 

$3000 per person for first 12 people.



The ultimate game fishing vessel experience; Pisces boat is a custom game fishing cruiser built by Riviera, Australia’s most awarded luxury boat manufacturer. Equipped with rods crafted by one of the worlds top 3 rod makers, Pisces is dedicated to not only seeking out deep water game fish but providing the ultimate in comfort along the way in any season. State of the art navigation equipment guides you efficiently to where you want to go, and to where the fish are biting

Up to 10 guests

8 hour charter

Full day fishing charter with captain and deck crew. All equipment, rods, reels and bait. All food and beverages included.

Other Services

If a day aboard a fishing charter is not up your alley Sydney Boat hire provides a variety of services. Customers with limited boating experience can enjoy a day out on one of our self drive pontoon boats where a boating license is not required. Sydney Boat Hire also provides a wide range of yachts ranging from 50ft-105ft in length that can accommodate between 2-80 guests in an unbelievably luxurious atmosphere you have to see to believe. Customers that are interested in expanding their experience on the water can obtain a boat license through Sydney Boat Hire so that they can enjoy the harbour at their own leisure.

self-drive boat hire sydney at sydney boat hire


Jump on board and set your own voyage across Sydney Harbour on one of our self-drive pontoon vessel. Holding up to 7 adults you can travel around Sydney Harbour waters with NO LICENCE REQUIRED!

Private party boat hire in sydney available at sydney boat hire Aquabay


We have one of the most diverse range of chartered vessels available for hire in Sydney Harbour. Step foot on some of the most prestige vessels and enjoy sipping on your favorite beverage while looking at the city skyline



Have a qualified marine educators deliver an easy, interactive step-by-step presentation that will help you get your boat licence quickly. providing more than just a course, we teach you the rules in an entertaining way. It’s smart training and good fun