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Get Your Boat Licence Australian Boating College!

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Get Your Boat Licence With Australian Boating College!


Sydney Boat Hire is offering a great deal to our customers who wish to broaden their boating experience. If you are planning on getting your boat licence, Australian Boating College are there to help!

Operating since 1994, Australian boating college offers a great and diverse range of courses to choose from.

Why choose Australian Boating College?


  • They are a Registered Training Organisation & conform to National Training Standards.
  • All of their customers are treated equally and fairly.
  • Every student receives high quality training notes.
  • They offer free online training quizzes to help you prepare for exams.
  • They use safe, modern, comfortable vessels for practical training.
  • They travel throughout Australia to conduct courses.
  • Their prices are competitive & we offer value for money.
  • Established in 1994, they have over 20 years track record in training for Boat Licence or PWC Licences.
  • They have modern online booking systems.
  • They have documented safety systems.

If you complete a recreational boat licence course and decide to work on your boating experience by renting either our Easyrider or Cruiseabout, you will receive a free hour on your booking!

It’s a great way to build up your boating experience before purchasing a vessel. Learn the tricks and tails of Sydney Harbour on one of our self-drive vessels.

Call Australian Boating College: 1800 453 886

Want to book a self drive vessel? Call us on 02 8765 1222


Some Great Boat Hire Options For Fathers Day

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Whether it be organising a function for Fathers day or a gift voucher for our self-drive vessels.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult trying to figure out what to do for dad on fathers day. We have listed some great options for you to share with the family to show how much you love your dad.

Pontoon Boat Hire

If dad doesn’t have his boat license but loves his fishing, then consider purchasing him a fathers day gift cards for him to spend his day out on Sydney Harbour. Our pontoon vessels are hire and drive which means he can captain his own boat. Our pontoon vessels start at $145 for 2 hours. Check out more information and prices here.

Private Harbour Cruise

Celebrate fathers day with grand dad and the whole family on a private harbour cruise. A great way to bring the family together and enjoy their favorite drinks would be to organise a private boat charter. We have a range of vessels depending on style and costs, like catamarans and superyachts. Vessels that are extremely affordable and others that will really make a stance on Sydney Harbour. All of our vessels also include some catering options which means that we can deal with the headache of organising the food while you and your family can celebrate fathers day.

Fishing Charter

Treat dad with an adrenaline filled fishing charter with some mates for fathers day. Avalon, Wahoo & Pisces are 3 well-known fishing boats that have made their name on Sydney Harbour waters. These 3 vessels are known to catch some of Sydney’s might King Fish, Yelllow Fin Tuna & Blue Marlin. Speak to our team today about some fishing charter options we have available!

Cruiseabout Self-drive Boat Hire

If pop has his own boat licence then we guarantee he’d love our Quintrex Cruiseabout. This fun, safe & fast self drive boat is an awesome way to treat dad and also enjoy the day with him. Our rates include fuel, towing, boat launching & cleaning of the vessel which means it’s a jump on jump off process. starting from $450, our Cruiseabout can drive anywhere from Ryde Bridge to Clifton Garden (excludes NSW restricted zones)

The Great Route For Your 4 Hour Self-drive Boat Hire

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Are you thinking of renting one of our self-drive vessels? As you may know, we have boats for those with and without a license.

In many cases, people ask “What can we see or do in a 4-hour hire?”. We have simplified things in order for you to enjoy your own voyage out on Sydney Harbour.

Once you have collected your self-drive vessel from Drummoyne Boat Ramp. You will make your way down stream (towards east) to make your way to the greatest harbour in the world. Along your way, you will find amazing Sydney real estate and foreshore homes, Beautiful islands that have made their home on Sydney Harbour & an array of different bird species.

After about a 20 minutes, you will then see the great Sydney Harbour Bridge! But don’t stop there, keep going! Make sure your skipper is keeping an eye on the wash, because it may get choppy! You will then start to pass Birchgrove, a small family orientated suburb not too far from Drummoyne. Once you pass Birchgrove & Balmain, you will then make a corner to be astonished at the views you will have of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

From Blues Point to the end of the Sydney Opera House, it is a 15-knot limit, so make sure you’re not speed! You will travel underneath the harbour bridge and be amazed by the amount of steel and size of the famous bridge.

A cool trick: Whistle as loud as you could and hear the echo underneath the bridge!

Once you have passed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you will see the amazing Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay. At this point, you will be around 60 minutes into your journey. Continue east and you will pass by Fort Denison which used to be used as a prison in the early 1800’s then to turn into a military defensive base for Sydney Harbour. Eventually, turning it into an amazing tourist attraction.

If you’re planning on going for a swim or stopping somewhere for your picnic, a great spot to anchor down is Athol Bay. Athol Bay is on the northern side of Sydney Harbour which includes public moorings which mean you can anchor down and relax with the greatest views of the world!

After swimming, BBQing, Drinking and soaking in the sun in Athol Bay for 90 minutes, you can start making your way back home to Drummoyne.

On your way back as you are approaching the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on your right side will be Kirribilli House, wave your right hand and say G’day to our Prime Minister.

Upon your arrival back at Drummoyne Boat Ramp, one of Sydney Boat Hire’s Operators will be there ready to collect your boat!

Some things you can do while your on our self-drive vessels:

  1. Fishing
  2. Swimming
  3. Drinking
  4. Sight seeing
  5. Cooking your favourite meal onboard our BBQ’s
  6. Cruising around Sydney Harbour
  7. Stopping at secluded beaches
  8. Photography
    & More!
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