The team here at Sydney Boat Hire are excited to announce that our new website is officially up and running! After many months of trial and tweaking, we have finally launched our brand new website and booking engine to the public. 

We are extremely proud of the new layout and functionality of sydneyboathire.com.au, now that it has been redesigned with a strong focus on customer experience. We believe that the changes made to the website will make the booking and enquiring process much smoother for our customers. In turn, the turnaround time for booking will be much faster than before. 

The key changes that were made to our website focus on; improving old but necessary features, and introducing new ones. 

So what exactly is different about our website? Let’s take a look.


We now have a streamlined booking and enquiring process

Possibly the biggest change to our website is how customers book and enquire. The new site boasts a user friendly ‘create your own voyage’ function, where customers can easily select their preferences for which boat they would like to hire. Customers have a choice to select; the voyage type, how many people are coming, or if they have a boat license or not. From start to finish, the enquiry and booking process is only around 3 steps for charters and 5 steps for self drives respectfully.


There is a whole section just for corporate packages

At Sydney Boat Hire, we love to collaborate with our corporate customers on their special events. We understand that corporate events have many different needs as they could range from office parties, to impressing an important client. Our new website has a section just for corporate customers to enquire, ensuring that their experience is tailored specially for them. 


We have a brand new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page

While we pride ourselves on having great customer service and an easy booking process, we understand that some customers may have a lot of questions about hiring a boat. To put their minds at ease, we have developed a ‘Help & Support’ page, which covers the most frequently asked questions that customers have about our self drives and chartered boat hires. 


There is an updated blog with more relevant posts

Our staff at Sydney Boat Hire wanted a way to share our knowledge and tips about boating, events, fishing, and holidays with our customers and community. Our new website features a blog where you can find everything from our hot tips out on the water, to our exciting competitions and business developments.


You can now put a face to the name

In the ‘About’ section of our website, you will be able to meet the team here at Sydney Boat Hire. We have the names and photos of all the staff that you may come in contact with. This includes our vessel operators, so if you hire out a self drive you will know exactly who to look for when you meet at the ramp!


We are making finding a particular boat easier

Our new website has implemented a search bar! We have a fleet of around 90 boats. That means that our website has a lot of pages to sift through if you are searching for one in particular. With the new search bar, you can search for any boat that we have in our fleet with ease.


You can now physically see the different types of boat on offer

To the average Joe, the difference between sailing yachts and superyachts may not be immediately obvious. Our new ‘Browse Boats’ hover menu features icons and the capacity for the different types of vessels that we have on offer. This makes it far easier to understand the differences between the types of boats available.


With these changes, we believe that our new and improved website will make our customers experience even easier than before. We love our new website, and hope you do too!