All Paws On Deck

A Paw-some Way To Take Your Pet On Board

Dogs with life jackets on a boat for all paws on deck

It’s quite obvious that any moment spent with your dog is guaranteed to be a good time, so why not double the fun by bringing your pet on a boat with you for All Paws On Deck!

Like any dog owner out there, we know the #feels all too well, of what it’s like to not be able to include your dog in on the fun! That’s where Sydney Boat Hire & Pound Paws have come together to run the All Paws on Deck campaign in the lead up to Summer to encourage pet owners to bring their dogs on board for a barkin’ good time!

Don’t leave your pooch on shore, bring them out to sea with you!

For every dog that comes on board, Sydney Boat Hire will donate funds to Pound Paws, an Australian based charity focuses on raising awareness about pet adoption, as well as assisting rescue centres & pounds with the overall rehoming process. Whether you’re hosting a lunch on board with mates, or looking to tour the Sydney Harbour with your furry friend, there are many ways to get involved on a boating adventure. Did you know, Sydney Boat Hire provides boats for every man and his dog? If you don’t have a boat license, no worries! They have a variety of vessels which you can take for a spin, after a brief induction. Safety comes first for our loved ones, with a special doggie lifeguard jacket for each dog to wear on board. You are also welcome to bring snacks & drinks on board.

Sydney Boat Hire provides its customers with an unforgettable way of experiencing Sydney’s beautiful harbour on our self drive and chartered vessels. The team are passionate about being actively involved with our community, and giving back. 

“We are all avid animal lovers, so we are looking forward to helping raise awareness about pet adoption through this fun activation that we hope to get the whole community on board with.” Daniel, Director of Sydney Boat Hire

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Our Goal 65 Dogs

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I Don’t Have a Boat Licence

I Do Have a Boat Licence

It is estimated that approximately 200,000 happy and healthy pets get euthanised in Australian pounds each year. These animals aren’t sick or old, they are simply without a home. 552 die every day because we, as a society, have a problem with mass breeding of pets. Pound Paws is a registered charity that provides a modern online approach to the overall re-homing process for pets in Australia. 

It is their mission to encourage the public to adopt instead of shop, and discourage backyard breeders that contribute to the oversupply of cats and dogs in Australia.

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