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    Cruise Boats Sydney

    Experience what ultimate comfort feels like, whether you are renting a smaller or larger boat. Our smaller boats, such as Amber, MV Salute and Inception can cater up to 12 guests, whilst our larger boats, such as the Galene, can accommodate up to 90 guests.

    What is a Cruise Boat?

    A cruise boat is a type of boat which is designed for cruising and leisure activities on rivers, lakes and coastal areas. They are typically larger and more comfortable than other boats and their V-shaped hull absorbs the shock of waves making them more stable in different water conditions.  They come in all sizes, with the larger boats often offering multiple decks to tailor the style of event to your needs. There is no need for an alternative wet weather option as the spacious and comfortable interiores offer plenty of inside space. They often come with a range of features and amenities to make life on board more comfortable and typically have a fully equipped galley. 

    Overall, cruiser boats provide a comfortable and luxurious way to enjoy extended stays on the water, with the flexibility to explore different destinations and engage in a range of activities.

    Hiring a cruise boat for your next Sydney Harbour experience has a few benefits;

    • Comfort and convenience

    Designed to provide a comfortable experience, they typically come equipped with air conditioning, a kitchen and entertainment systems. 

    • Flexibility

    Their powerful engines allow you to travel longer distances and hiring your own private cruise boat allows you to plan your own itinerary. 

    • Accommodate larger groups

    As they often offer multiple decks, they are ideal for hosting large groups, such as for family gatherings or corporate events.

    • Variety of activities

    Whether you want to go whale watching and explore the coast line or want to anchor on a secluded beach to have a picnic and fish, a cruise boat is suited for a range of activities

    • Unique experience

    Like any private boat hire, hiring your own cruise boat offers a unique experience, allowing you to access and see places which you wouldn’t be able to access by car or foot. Cruise in comfort and style and choose one of our hand-selected cruisers. At Sydney Boat Hire, we are able to provide the perfect experience for groups celebrating any occasion. Book your cruiser now!