As one of the world’s largest natural harbours, Sydney Harbour offers the perfect location for a day on a private charter boat. Soak up the sunshine and indulge in the beauty of your surroundings in a prestige... Read More >>

Bringing you boat charter packages available in Sydney, Sydney Boat Hire has created a simple way for you and all guests on board to have a smooth sail. Considering that Sydney Harbour is one of Australia best icons, Sydney Boat Hire ensures that our pre-package charters are there to speed up the process, save money and confusion along the process.

Ecperiencing Sydney Harbour has never been better, espcecially through our new pre-packaged system. This is done by providing our customers with the per person rate based on a BYO charter which then allows you to add your food and/or beverages at a simple extra fee. Sydney Boat Hire’s huge range of boat charter packages are all listed below in their designated category, in order for you to easily find the most suitable package for your next event.

The packages provided aren’t only for designated events or occasions, they can be used for any type of charter! Whether it be a luxurious superyacht cruise on Corroborre, or a day party, soaking in the sun and enjoying a BBQ on Kirralee.

The catering options we provide range depending on the vessel and their menus. Before you make the move and organise the same party as you do every year, consider checking out the options we may have to offer. Keep in mind, none of these options are set in stone, we can always make adjustments accordingly!

The charter packages range from:

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Private Charters at Sydney Boat Hire


Charter Packages for 10 - 20 Guests

Charter Packages for 20 - 60 Guests

Charter Packages for 60 - 110 Guests


Sydney Boat Hire runs a number of services through our operation of a large variety of watercraft sizes and finishes. From our self drive pontoon boats people with no previous experience can enjoy a day out on the water. Our private charters provide the avenue for our customers to experience a day like the top 1% in ultimate luxury. If a day in the harbour isn’t your enjoyable aqua experience our fishing charters provide an action packed day with friends chasing marlin and tuna. If your new to the whole boating world and are in need of broadening your knowledge we provide a course for you to obtain your boat licence so you can enjoy the harbour at your own leisure.

Self-drive Boat Hire

Jump on board and set your own voyage across Sydney Harbour on one of our self-drive pontoon vessel. Holding up to 7 adults you can travel around Sydney Harbour waters with NO LICENCE REQUIRED!

Fishing Charters

We have one of the most diverse range of chartered vessels available for hire in Sydney Harbour. Step foot on some of the most prestige vessels and enjoy sipping on your favorite beverage while looking at the city skyline

Boating Licenses

Have a qualified marine educators deliver an easy, interactive step-by-step presentation that will help you get your boat licence quickly. providing more than just a course, we teach you the rules in an entertaining way. It’s smart training and good fun

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