Few Essentials For An Overnight Boat Trip In Sydney

Moon and stars above, waves below, and peace within! Is this what you have planned for a fun night in Sydney?

Overnight boat stays in Sydney has been the talk of the town for a long time because of the picturesqueness of the city’s rivers. If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge for it, there are a few packing essentials that you cannot forget. 

So, do you need pointers on things to pack for an overnight boat trip in Sydney? We’ve got you covered with our brief guide.

Read on for details!


Few Essentials For An Overnight Boat Trip In Sydney


A. Tech Gear

Being tech-ready is necessary to enjoy an overnight boat trip in Sydney, as you wouldn’t want your camera battery to run out while capturing the stars from the deck. You wouldn’t like to splash your mobile phone with water either. 

That’s why you can consider carrying the following technological gear:


1. Waterproof Phone Case

Be it water splashes, dirt or accidental drops, a universal waterproof phone case can protect your phone from damage on a boat trip. Encasing your device in this guard will give you the freedom of having some water fun while clicking a few pool selfies as well! 

In fact, some good models come with a strap to dangle it around the neck, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing it either. 


2. Underwater Camera

If your mobile phone isn’t waterproof and using a waterproof case doesn’t seem like a safe option either, you can consider investing in an affordable underwater camera. The best boat hire services offer water activities, so keeping a camera handy can help you capture some memorable moments, especially in the nightlight.


3. Portable Charger

Although boats have power sockets and electrical outlets, you can never be too sure. Carrying a portable charger for your phone, laptop and the camera can simplify things for you to a large extent.


B. Utilities

Moving on, there are some utilities like shoes, towels, and water bottles that you cannot do without even on a one-day trip. Therefore, we have put together a list of such items so that you stay well-prepared for everything on your boating adventure.


1.Quick Dry Towel

Quick-dry towels are a better alternative to regular towels, as they are fast-drying, smaller, and take up less space in the travelling bag. They are also odourless and do not capture smell-inducing impurities easily. 

As a result, they are much more practical and hygienic, so do consider packing a few. 


2.Water Flask With In-Built Water Filter

This is for the people who don’t want to rely on the water provided by the cruise service. If you fall under the sensitive group that catches water-borne infections easily, having a water bottle with a built-in water filter is a must. 

Considering that you might be enjoying the pool or out on the deck most of the time, having a bottle will remind you to stay hydrated while tracking your water consumption. 


3. Mesh Shoes

Are you clumsy and often prone to slipping? Then cruising in your regular shoes can lead to accidental slips and falls. That’s when mesh shoes can help you out with their reliable and sturdy build. They are also quick to dry and extremely comfortable to wear for long hours without giving you shoe bites or corns. 


4. Packing Material

Packing or storage cubes can be a blessing while travelling as they can help you organise your toiletries compactly. You’ll be able to access your stuff in a jiffy without making a mess out of your travel bag. 


5. Neck Wallet

Pickpockets and petty theft is not uncommon even on a boat. But for your aid, the neck wallet is a handy pouch to store your money. You can stash your bills, credit cards, tickets, cash, etc., in it and truly live in the moment without overthinking about becoming a victim of pickpocketing. 


C. Self Care

Don’t let the hurry and giddiness of a quick trip on-board get in the way of your self-care routine. In fact, you need to be extra careful and look after yourself well when you are out on a boat.


1. Eye Mask

Are you going out with people who like to stay up late? That shouldn’t be a reason to miss out on your beauty sleep, so be sure to carry an eye mask and earplugs to stay clear of disturbances.

Some of them come with a cooling pad that can be kept in the refrigerator overnight. Not only will it rid your eyes of tiredness, but it will also help you enjoy restful slumber. 


2. Activated Charcoal And Medication

Regardless of fantastic cruise services, the food served in the buffet or room service might not be the best for your health. And if you already struggle with a sensitive stomach, bowel infrequencies or allergies, activated charcoal and other relevant medication can work wonders. 


3. Sarong

You might feel uncomfortable or self-conscious if you plan to wear a bikini, but donning a sarong can help beat the blushes. So, don’t forget to pack a vibrantly coloured sarong to look good in your evening getaway pictures.


4. Cooling Towel

Lastly, keep a cooling towel in case the sea humidity makes you feel parched. These towels can be soaked in water and wrung out to be enjoyed as ice packs. They are typically 20° to 30° colder than the air temperature and can help you cool down. 


Final Words

Luxury overnight boat hire (Sydney) is a unique alternative to a normal hotel room for spending a night. Many boat hiring companies offer personalised services to make your stay memorable. 

Most boats and yachts can accommodate between 2 and 12 members. So, whether it’s a romantic getaway with your partner or a short stay with friends or family, an overnight boat trip along the Sydney harbour is the way to go. 

Just be prepared on the abovementioned fronts – tech gear, utilities, and self-care to make your boat stay blissful. And be sure to pack your travel bag in advance based on these factors to avoid last-minute confusion. 

We’ll sign off on that note. Until next time!