A corporate cruise can pose something of a dilemma for a businessman. Firstly, the boat is likely to take you a distance away from shore, allowing you and everyone else on board to enjoy this unique experience. However, most people still want to be contactable, especially if they’re expecting an important business call or someone needs to get in touch in case of an emergency. Read on to find out just how cell coverage works on a corporate cruise and what you can expect from your phone calls on the water.

Where do our cruises go?

Here at Sydney Boat Hire, we offer a range of options for your corporate cruise. You can either select a self-driven boat for a period of time and decide your own route for the evening, or you can entrust your journey to one of our experts and sit back and relax as one of our drivers takes you to see some of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks.

Cruising past the Sydney Opera House towards the harbour bridge and beyond, you’ll get to enjoy plenty of sights. On this route, you’ll also receive good cell phone coverage. When you glide down the delta of the Parramatta River, you’re effectively still in the middle of the city, so there is no need to worry about the amount of coverage you’ll receive and whether or not it’s of the quality you desire, it can handle a phone call perfectly well. Sydney’s cell phone coverage has been known to stretch into the Tasman Sea, so cruising along the Sydney Harbour won’t present any problems at all.

Can I expect coverage to vary by carrier?

Sydney has three main carriers – Vodafone, Optus and Telstra – all of which offer up to 5G coverage. Whilst the peak coverage for all carriers is the same, the quality you can expect on your cruise will vary.


Vodafone offers the weakest coverage of the three, with 5G only being offered in Fairfield Heights and Westmead. As you might expect, neither of these locations are especially helpful when it comes to cruising around Sydney Harbour. When you do reach the harbour itself, you can expect to receive 4G coverage, with 4G+ being offered in some areas. While you may experience some buffering on a video call, 4G is still perfectly serviceable for making phone calls or browsing the internet.


Optus is your next best option for a consistent 5G connection. Optus’ 5G coverage is found both north and south of the river, mostly focused around the urban areas. However, it can drop to just 3G in certain areas along the river, such as up in Putney. Whilst you’ll still be able to make or receive calls in these spots, high-speed streaming may be too much of a stretch.


Telstra is the optimum network for your corporate cruise. With consistent 4G+ across the city and 5G in some areas (including on some river cruise and shipping routes), you’re most likely to see a consistent level of 5G when you’re using this provider. Although you won’t always have much of a choice when it comes to which provider you use, if you get to pick, it could be a good idea to make use of Telstra.

Where can I travel that ensures signal?

If you’re on a self-driven cruise and want to go off the beaten path, while retaining that all-important cell phone coverage, it would be a good idea to head towards Middle Harbour. Providing the excellent 4G+ signal you might need on your corporate cruise, Middle Harbour offers stunning coastline views and is an entirely different experience to Sydney Harbour. This idyllic route offers a quiet and relaxed voyage that not many people take, so it’s great if you have some important business to discuss.

Use Sydney Boat Hire

If you’re interested in a corporate cruise with stunning views, look no further than the team at Sydney Boat Hire. We have a selection of vessels for you to choose from, with the option of a piloted trip if you want to sit back and relax or a self-driven day out for those who prefer to take the wheel. For a customised experience that’s perfect for you and your team, call us today on (02) 8765 1222. One of our experts will be happy to let you know about the corporate cruise options we offer.