How to Host the Perfect Hens Party On A Boat

We all know that getting to plan a hens party is nothing short of an honour!

While your friend or sister is preparing to walk down the aisle at St. Mary’s Cathedral, you decide, why not celebrate her bachelorette on a boat overlooking the Sydney Harbour!

But there’s only one problem – you don’t know where to begin. People who have organized a corporate event on a boat may still have some idea. But if you are yet to experience this unique and trending style of celebration, we’re here to help!

We’ve come up with this handy little guide to help you put together the perfect hens party on a boat. One look at it, and you’ll have all the know-how for the big day.

Now, let’s get started!

coast party boat with lights at night on the Sydney Harbour

How to Host the Perfect Hens Party On A Boat

Hosting a hens party on a boat will require considerable time and effort. That being said, the right kind of planning will ensure that your hard work won’t go in vain. So, in the following sections, we walk you through the most important steps, which will make that big day all the more memorable!

     1. Budget Allocation

Ideally, you’d want to start by figuring out the budget, and there may be two parts to this process. First, take a note of all the related details like the type of vessel, number of guests, food and beverage, decor, and transportation, to name a few.

Next, write down an estimated cost for each. This will give you a fair idea of the total expenditure that you’ll be looking at. Here, it may be helpful to know that there can be some ups and downs depending on last-minute changes, if any. But try not to stretch it too much.

      2. Preparing The Guest List

Is it even a party without guests! And undoubtedly, the bride would want to see all of her closest people on that boat. As the head planner, it’s your responsibility to invite the most important people from her friends’ circle, family and soon-to-be in-laws’ side. However, in doing so, don’t overlook the budget aspect.

Pro tip: get a confirmation from each person to ensure that the arrangements don’t go to waste or fall short.

     3. Deciding On Boat Type

Once you have the confirmed guest list, the next thing to do is decide on the boat type. Generally, you’ll find dedicated private hens party cruises that can be rented on an hourly basis. Make sure that your preferred choice has spacious indoor and outdoor decks to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Boat hire on Cosmos II in Sydney Harbour

     4. Arranging For Transportation

While some guests may have their rides to the harbour, others may ask you for help. Try to ensure that you can arrange adequate transportation to bring them to the venue. A good way to make sure that it stays within your budget is to provide it exclusively for those in need.

     5. Curating The Food And Beverage Menu

One of the best things that you can do to make the bride feel even more special is curating the menu around some of her favourite dishes and drinks. After all, the guest of honour should be honoured in every possible way!

Not every guest will have the same dietary preference, so it’s better to ask for their preference (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) while seeking confirmation. Likewise, keep a few options for those who may not take alcohol.

     6. Breaking The Ice

The last thing that you’d want is to have awkward silence engulf your party. Since most people will be close to the bride or the groom, you can initiate the conversation by asking your guests to share memorable stories of the bride-to-be. This is especially helpful if some members of the bride’s family are meeting her to-be in-laws for the first time.

Once the guests are comfortable, it’s time to pull out the big guns! Plan multiple games and activities that will spice up your party like no other. You can start off with a more traditional ‘Mr and Mrs Quiz’, which is a perfect challenge for the bride on how well she knows her soon-to-be husband.

Later, switch over to fun dare games like Prosecco, which is perfect both for the bride and the guests. Or you may even choose to play Bridal Bingo, for the options are seemingly never-ending. A karaoke session, followed by some crazy dancing, can be the perfect end to a fun-filled hens party!

     7. Looking After The Guests

There’s no denying that the bride should deserve all the attention on this day, but that doesn’t mean the guests should be left unattended. Make sure that everyone feels involved, and all their needs are being catered to.

Avoid showcasing any controversial props or cracking rude jokes – not everyone may take it light-heartedly. Similarly, don’t choose too sensitive or personal questions for the quiz, which can leave both the bride and her in-laws embarrassed.

     8. Planning Party Packs

If your budget permits, design small goodie bags as a token of appreciation for every guest. It doesn’t have to be something fancy – handmade decor items, flowers, or even home-baked cookies with a ‘thank you’ note will do the job. Hand them over once the party ends.

Final Words

You don’t get the chance to plan a hens party every day. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that executing it to perfection will top your priority list. And there’s nothing like a boat hens party to celebrate the last days of your girl’s single life.

Furthermore, there are several options to customize the party. You may also plan for a theme party according to your budget. From mermaids to slumber parties and superheroes to tropical themes, the options are seemingly endless!

Another way to get the job done effectively is to hire a service that specializes in hens parties. This way, you can keep a watch on all the arrangements while availing expert help. In that case, your package may include one (or all) of the following:

  • Professional DJ
  • Sound system
  • Freshly cooked food onboard
  • An MC

Whichever style or customization you add to your party, we hope and trust that it makes for an incredible experience creating memories for years to come.