How To Rent A Boat In Sydney Harbour For Your Parties

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday in Boats, special occasion, or work event, there’s truly no better way to celebrate in style than to rent party boats through Sydney Boat Hire. Here at Sydney Boat Hire, we offer a wide range of birthday party boats, hens & bucks party boats, as well as an array of luxury yachts to make your celebration in Sydney Harbour one to remember!


If you’re interested in hiring a party boats in Sydney Harbour for your next celebration, but aren’t quite sure of where to start or what the process involves, we’ve broken it down into some simple steps below.


How to Rent A Boat In Sydney? 

Here at Sydney Boats Hire, we make it simple to rent a boat in Sydney so that you can enjoy your special day, without the stress! Regardless of your occasion type or party size, you can use the steps below to find your perfect custom voyage and enjoy the beauty of Sydney Harbour.


  • Find Your Perfect Vessel

To first determine what type of luxury boat will be best for your occasion, it’s important to consider how formal your event will be, how many guests will be attending, and what your budget is. Once you’ve decided on these key factors, you can view our range of luxury Sydney boats to consider which vessel is best for your party specifications. However, we completely understand that you might want particular services for your next party to ensure that your custom voyage is perfect, so keep in mind that we can fully tailor your booking to include any of the fun services listed on our website.


If you’re unsure of what luxury vessel will be best for your event, there is always the option to contact our team and we can find the best option for you! With our extensive boat event management experience, the Sydney Boat Hire team is always willing to make recommendations, or better still, coordinate the entire event for you. 


  • View Our Packages

Another easy way to get started with Sydney boats hire is to consider our pre-packaged system. The package system helps to simplify your booking, by providing you with a per-person rate based on a BYO charter, which then allows you to add your food and/or beverages at a simple extra fee. It’s important to note that none of the catering or package options are completely set in stone, so the Sydney Boat Hire team can always make adjustments according to your preferences. 


If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, our huge range of boat charter packages are all listed in their designated category, so that you can easily find the most suitable package for your next event. Otherwise, you can view our boat charter packages for different party sizes on our packages page to decide which charter package and entertainment options would be best for your party!


  • Get In Touch & Sail Away

Once you’ve decided on your type of custom luxury charter, or used our pre-packaged system, you can use our easy booking request form on our website to confirm a quotation within 24 hours. Alternatively, feel free to use our online chat bot or call us for more information!


All that’s left to do once confirming your quote is to review your invoice and fill in the booking agreement form. We will require a minimum 50% deposit to secure your booking and the rest will be due 14 days before your event date. After confirming your booking with us, you can sail away on your vessel from Fivedock Bay Boat Ramp in Drummoyne! 

How To Rent A Boat In Sydney Harbour For Your Parties

Book Your Next Event With Sydney Boat Hire

Now that we’ve outlined the simple steps on how to rent a boat in Sydney Harbour for your party, it’s never been easier to get in touch and sail away! Whether you’re looking for the ultimate work event, or the most prestigious birthday party, we have you covered with our wide range of luxury yachts to enjoy the beautiful Sydney Harbour views. 


Plus, our team of expert staff have years of experience organising and coordinating the most deluxe boat parties, so we are here to help with any questions or special requests that you may have when planning your next event. Get in touch to book your next event with Sydney Boat Hire!