Our Picks For The Most Romantic Boats To spend Valentine’s Day on in 2020

Our Picks For The Most Romantic Boats To spend Valentine’s Day on in 2020

Valentine’s Day has almost rolled around once again. It is a time for love, romance, and to go above and beyond for your significant other. Year after year, people around the world share gifts like roses, chocolates, and jewelry to show their appreciation for their special someone. But year after year the same gifts become cliche and expected. If you are looking for some inspiration for how to treat your Valentine this year, keep reading! Before we reveal our top picks for the most romantic Valentine’s Day boat hires in 2020, let us tell you why chartering a boat for this occasion is such a great idea.

Get spoiled on board

You will be treated as a VIP onboard our vessels. Your every need and want will be catered to by our friendly skippers and staff. Not to mention literally catering for you! Many of our charters have five-star catering on board with selections that are very appropriate for Valentine’s Day- oysters anyone?

The view is incredible

One of the best things about charting a boat in Sydney Harbour is the view! The skyline view is truly like no other, and makes for the perfect romantic backdrop. Onboard a night charter, the sparkle won’t only be in your significant others’ eye, but also in the twinkling city lights on the water.

It is intimate and private

Our vessels are the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sure, you could book a table at your partner’s favorite restaurant, but I guarantee many others would have had the same idea. Getting away from it all on your own private Valentine’s Day boat hires means that you and your loved one can have some quality alone time together.

Our top picks for Valentine’s Day Charters

La Dolce Vita

Our Picks For The Most Romantic Boats To spend Valentine’s Day on in 2020

Experience something a little bit different on La Dolce Vita!
La Dolce Vita is an Italian wooden speedboat that was imported from Lake Como. She is hand-built from African Red Mahogany and finished to the highest standards. With accents of chrome, and styling reminiscent of yesteryear, La Dolce Vita is the epitome of luxury classic boating.
She can charter up to 4 people but is perfect for 2, and is a fantastic option for those wanting something a little different for their time out on Sydney Harbour.

Please call or email us for more details and La Dolce Vita is not featured on our website.


Our Picks For The Most Romantic Boats To spend Valentine’s Day on in 2020

Aqualuxe is a 44ft Italian luxury cruiser, so it is ideal for an elegant boat hire on Sydney Harbour. With a maximum capacity of 12 guests, this stylish vessel is perfect for intimate occasions.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Unlike other luxury charter boats in Sydney Harbour, Aqualuxe is an impressive smaller luxury yacht. If you want to impress your significant other, Aqualuxe is a fantastic option.
With extremely well-maintained bedrooms and bathrooms, this luxury charter boat features; state of the art surround sound system, climate control, and sleep finishes. Aqualuxe is capable of sleeping overnight, making it one of the go-to luxury charters in Sydney Harbour.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ideally used during the summer, Aqualuxe’s layout is open and free, allowing the sun to shine through. With a hydraulic platform, Aqualuxe can cater to those who simply want to dip into Sydney Harbour and experience luxury boating life. She is also equipped with a sunbed on her bow and the rear.

Cutting Loose

Our Picks For The Most Romantic Boats To spend Valentine’s Day on in 2020

Cutting Loose is a 31ft Sailing Charter Yacht built by Catalina. She is perfect for romantic cruises around Sydney Harbour. As she is a sailing yacht, she offers a different experience than other boat hire options.

Her amenities feature; a full galley, sound system throughout and plenty of seating in the cockpit.


Our Picks For The Most Romantic Boats To spend Valentine’s Day on in 2020

Birchgrove is one of the only luxury charters with IPS drives for boat hire available in Sydney Harbour. The 50′ Windy Sports Cruiser combines all the benefits of advanced hull design and the latest craftmanship. Because Birchgrove’s upper deck is light and spacious with a large electric sunroof, it becomes the perfect place to relax.

The easy access to the lower deck leads into a beautiful hand-crafted galley. Birchgrove’s saloon boasts large and comfortable seats, 2 sleeping cabins, a shower, and storage. All finished to renowned high standards using a blend of sustainable timber and fabrics.


Our Picks For The Most Romantic Boats To spend Valentine’s Day on in 2020

Seaduced is built by renowned yacht makers Riviera. She has been built with a high level of luxury and expertise.

Onboard, Seaduced boasts entertainment facilities, a TV complete with a DVD player and Wi-Fi, and a BOSE surrounds sound system for an enjoyable experience on the water.  She also has great entertainment areas, like the alfresco dining area and sunbathing area on the front of the boat. She can also accommodate overnight stays, making her perfect for Valentine’s Day.


If you would like to book one of these Valentine’s Day boat hires please call our friendly team on 02 8765 1222, or email sales@sydneyboathire.com.au.