What Is Special About A Houseboat

A houseboat trip on the Sydney Harbour may just be the perfect end to a hectic week.

Gone are the days when houseboats were used for living on the water, for transportation or fishing purposes. Today, they have become the ideal one-stop destination for fun and sightseeing. And the best part is you can conveniently hire one in Sydney today.

But if you’re still in two minds, check out the top reasons that make a houseboat special. Dive in!


What Is Special About Houseboat | Sydney Boat Hire

What Does A Houseboat Look Like?

If you have never seen a houseboat before, then let us start by giving you a basic idea about its appearance and dimensions. Well, a houseboat looks exactly like it sounds – a house on a boat! The simplest houseboats are made of a one or two-room cabin sitting on a flat-bottom boat, equipped with a porch (or platform) on one end. 

They draw very small quantities of water, usually ranging between 12 and 24 inches. And this is a primary reason why they are mostly found in shallow water bodies or small streams and rivers. 

Although the earliest houseboats were towed manually, modern technology and inventions have allowed them to be run by powerful engines. Not only that, but they are also built to have super-spacious cabins and decks, which can accommodate hundreds of people. In fact, such boats can be 45 to 100 feet long, with super-broad decks and complete safety features. No wonder they are becoming a popular means of recreation in Sydney!


Why Should You Choose A Houseboat?

There are plenty of reasons why you should plan your next big event on-board a state-of-the-art houseboat in Sydney. The best house boat hire Sydney services can provide you with the right boat for the number of guests you plan to host with the required amenities. 

On that note, here are a few ways by which a houseboat can make your special day even more special.


1. A Spacious And Comfortable Venue

What’s better than celebrating your special day on Sydney Harbour? Celebrate it while sailing on the blue waters of the Parramatta river! Most boat rental services will allow you to choose between different options, depending on the number of guests.

Nevertheless, most houseboats are very spacious, with adequate seats or sofas spread indoors and outdoors. They may also have a couple of rooms (or resting chambers) with beds so that you can take a quick energy nap!

Here are a few options that are generally offered by boat rental services in the city:

  • Event boats- can accommodate more than 900 guests
  • Catamarans- can accommodate up to 150 guests 
  • Motor yachts, superyachts, or cruises- can accommodate more than 100 guests
  • Sailing yachts- can accommodate more than 36 guests 


2. Bar And Catering Services

What’s a party without great food and drinks? Whether you’re planning a big party on board or looking forward to spending a leisurely day with your loved ones, the houseboat will be equipped with food and bar services. Customers may choose from a preset menu or customise the catering according to their requirements. 

Moreover, you can avail live barbeque grills on some of them. You will also be happy to know that some boat rental services can arrange bottomless brunch and cocktail services. 

That’s not all; you may contact the customer service team in advance for full bar or BYOD (bring your own drink) services. And in case you want servers for help, you will usually be charged on a per hour basis.


3. Games And Entertainment Systems

Talk to the boat rental agency to see if you can avail indoor games like darts, chess, and cards on the houseboat. Apart from that, some boats may come with speakers and screens so that you can host the perfect “movie on water” show or a karaoke evening!

You may also hire clowns or jokers to keep the little ones entertained while you relax in the calming breeze of the river.

P.S.- Many boat rental agencies allow hiring houseboats exclusively for hens’ or bachelors’ parties. Hence, they may arrange for dancers, topless waiters/waitresses, or strippers.


4. Floral Arrangements And Decorations

Guests can choose to decorate the rented houseboat with their favourite flowers for events like birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding receptions. After all, what can be more special than taking your own vows amidst the mesmerising view of the Sydney Harbour and the iconic Opera House?

Speak with the rental agency to see if they have in-house designers who can help execute your plans to perfection and, of course, within your budget. 

Furthermore, you can choose among the different festive packages for birthdays, weddings, or even Christmas to avail fully-decorated boats equipped with food, drinks, and entertainment services. However, we’d recommend contacting the rental agency well in advance to know the details and make any special requests.


5. Self Driven Boats

If you have always wanted to drive a boat atop the blue waters of the Parramatta river, then here is your chance! The best house boat hire Sydney agency will allow you to hire self-driven boats even if you don’t have a licence. You can choose your favourite vessel and pay on a per hour basis. 

No matter which boat you pick, rest assured that the staff will educate you about its safety features and the nitty-gritty of professional sailing. 


Final Words

That’s all we had for today. Hopefully, we have provided you with enough reasons to go on a houseboat for your next fun outing!

But before we leave you to plan it, here are a few pro tips: always get in touch with the customer service over the phone or via email to understand the details personally. And get all your queries resolved before making the final booking.

Plus, ensure that you arrive at the Harbour in time for pickup and adhere to the instructions on board. We will see you next time, bye!