Spend Australia Day 2020 On A Private Charter in Sydney

Spend Australia Day 2020 On A Private Charter in Sydney

Australia Day 2020 is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of all Australians throughout history. It is a time to celebrate the diversity, inclusion, and respect of our nation and the people in it. Sydney Harbour offers a fantastic setting to experience the rich Australian identity, culture, and history, as it showcases some of Australia’s greatest structural achievements, i.e. the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

At Sydney Boat Hire, we offer the perfect way for you and your family and friends to celebrate on Australia Day- by hiring your own private charter

Below are a few of the key reasons that we believe that hiring a charter for Australia Day is a fantastic idea. Below you will also find some information on the Australia Day celebrations that Sydney has instore for 2020. 

Why you should hire your own private charter for Australia Day in 2020:

The perfect backdrop

We mentioned it before, and we will mention it again! Sydney Harbour offers the perfect backdrop to celebrate Australia Day. With the iconic and world famous landmarks passing by as you are onboard your cruise, you will feel truly proud to be Australian. 

You can still have a snag on the barbie

Many of our vessels offer barbeque facilities onboard! This means that there is no need to pass up on the classic Aussie tradition of having an Australia Day barbeque in your backyard. Instead, you can have it under the Harbour Bridge! 

You can avoid busy beaches

Every year we see thousands of people flocking to the beach to celebrate Australia Day and cool off during the hot summer month. Instead of being bombarded by families and tourists left right and centre, enjoy the seclusion of your own private charter this Australia Day. You will still be able to take a dip in the ocean when you want to cool off! 

Fancy a post-lunch snooze?

Possibly the most overlooked reason to hire a charter on any occasion is the ability to have a power nap onboard whenever you want! Each too many sausages at lunch and need to sleep off the food coma? No worries! Many of our vessels have cabins that are perfect for a 20 minute power nap. They are also a great spot for kiddies to get some quiet time if you are out with the family. 


Now that we have you convinced that hiring a charter is the way to go for Australia Day, here are some of the events that you will be able to see from your own private hire!

P&O Cruise Ships

All Day

Behold the grand giants of the sea. Don’t miss the chance to see the impressive P&O cruise ships in Sydney Harbour as they ride the waves and make their way to moor for our celebrations.



10:45 AM-11:30 AM

Sydney Harbour hosts an annual ocean extravaganza Ferrython, one of Australia’s most popular and iconic events. 

See our beloved ferries in this hugely popular Australia Day tradition, as they voyage from Barangaroo Wharf to Shark Island and then back to a glorious finish at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 


Salute to Australia

11:30 AM-12:05 AM

Don’t miss the ceremonial peak of the Sydney Harbour program. The Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force combine, featuring ships on the water, a 21-gun salute on land and a fast jet tribute in the sky. 

Join Australians young and old to hear the Governor’s Address and to sing our national anthem.


In the Sky

12:00 PM-2:00 PM

The sky above the harbour comes alive with amazing aircraft displays. It’s all capped off with a Red Berets parachute display by the Australian Army of Farm Cove.


Tug and Yacht Ballet

12:05 PM-12:15 PM

See a dance like no other.

Watch a graceful company of yachts, tugboats, jet-skis and ferries glide in precision across the water in harmony with helicopters above, in an epic piece of musical magic. 


Australia Day Harbour Parade

12:45 PM-2:00 PM

It’s time to rock the boat as vessels of all shapes and sizes go on a wild parade.

This ain’t no plain sailing as private, charter and working vessels alike show off their Australia Day finest, each vying to be Australia Day’s best-dressed boat. 


Tall Ships Race

1:00 PM-1:30 PM

See historic ships battle for the coveted Tall Ships Trophy.


184th Australia Day Regatta.

1:30 PM-5:00 PM

It’s a race for the ages as vessels big, small, new and old prepare to take each other on. 

Watch great ships- from large ocean racing yachts to 18-foot skiffs- glide through the waves. This race has been running annually since 1837.


For more information on the events listed above, visit australiaday.com.au.

To book your Australia Day private charter, call Sydney Boat Hire on 02 8765 1222 or email sales@sydneyboathire.com.au and speak to one of our friendly staff. We have boats to suit your needs, wants, party size, and budget. 


Happy Australia Day!