Enjoy A BBQ With Friends On The Water!

Enjoy A BBQ With Friends On The Water!

The buzzword in today’s world is “epic” because everything has to be social media-worthy. 

But even when you don’t share everything on Instagram or Whatsapp, the idea of planning something exciting does get the heart racing. On that note, why not enjoy a BBQ with friends on the water when planning the next hangout? 

It’s fun, relaxing, and helps you reconnect with yourself while floating on pristine waters. 

BBQ On The Water 

Australia is full of jaw-dropping locales, offering the perfect getaways to enjoy the weekend with friends while overlooking a picturesque landscape. One such enthralling activity is having a BBQ on the water with friends, experiencing the tranquillity of the deep blue sea while feasting on delicacies.

That said, to get your money’s worth, it’s crucial to choose a reputable boat hiring service that can meet your requirements. Here are a few aspects to look out for:

  1. Customisable 

Ensure that the package is customisable and the company can accommodate your demands. By demands, we mean coordinating the event so that along with the BBQ, you can enjoy good music, magic shows, or organise birthday parties. 

Hence, to learn about the available activities on each boat, check whether they have an event manager

  1. Boat 

The next step is deciding whether you want to hire a privately chartered vessel or drive it yourself. Choosing the latter will give you the freedom to pick the route while it promises to be an affordable option. 

On the flip side, a self-driven boat can’t accommodate a large group, so a privately chartered vessel will prove convenient if there are more than 12 people. 

  1. Location 

Having a BBQ in the backyard is fine, but once you’ve experienced the pleasures of floating on secluded waters, you’ll keep going back for more. As a result, confirm with the hiring service where they will be taking you – fishing spots and secluded beaches are always welcome. 

If needed, you can drop anchor somewhere nice and soak in the warm rays of the sun while munching on freshly cooked meat, served hot from the BBQ. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction 

Although you might know how to drive a boat, a reputable company will ensure that you’re comfortable handling the wheel. It takes time to adjust to the functions on modern boats, and the hiring service must take care to highlight all the features. 

Additionally, they should tell you about the safety procedures for the protection of everyone on board. 

  1. Company Policy 

A trustworthy company will ensure you have a memorable time – after all, it’s not every day that people get to have a BBQ on the water. You’ll have to pay a security deposit to confirm the booking, which is usually 50% of the total cost. 

They should send a booking form and confirmation invoice after the payment, registering your request. However, if you need to cancel, just ask the customer representatives about the refund policy to avoid confusion later. 

Long story short, a verified organisation is transparent about its policies for the best customer experience. 

Final Words 

Are you ready to spend the next weekend having a BBQ floating by one of Australia’s many beautiful coasts? 

The best part is that you can enjoy loads of other events onboard and even spot some native wildlife like turtles and sharks in the reef below. Plus, with activities like fishing, the food will taste even better when you’ve caught it yourself. 

So, have fun and relish the company of friends with good food and serene views!