Everything That You Need to Know About Spending New Year’s Eve on a Boat!

When the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December each year, there is magic in the air. People across the world celebrate closing past chapters and creating new beginnings as the sky is lit up with beautiful firework displays. New Year’s Eve in Sydney is home to one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced displays of fireworks. In fact, according to the official website, the displays bring spectators to the Sydney Harbour foreshore of over 1 million! Not to mention the global audience of more than 1 billion each year.

What can I expect at Sydney Harbour’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations?

Luckily, the scheduling for this year’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations has already been released. Below is a rundown of what can be expected and when. 

7 pm: Fire Tug Water Display

A tugboat blasts tonnes of water up into the sky of Sydney. This then creates a striking image against the setting sun due to the spray.

7:30 pm: Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony

The traditional ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony takes place, where Gadigal Elders welcome visitors to the Gadigal Land.

8 pm: Air Display

Flying ace Matt Hall thrills the crowds in a spectacular aerial display just for New Year’s Eve.

8:30 pm: Pylon Projections and Lighting Effects

Projections on the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons enliven the landmark throughout the night. Lighting effects on the eastern side dazzle the harbour foreshore.

9 pm: Family Fireworks

The first fireworks allow our littlest spectators, who may nod off a little earlier, the chance to see a fantastic display. The display includes fireworks released from barges and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Includes the winning entry from the ABC’s Design Your Own Firework competition. Tune in to the synchronised simulcast on KIIS 1065.

9:08pm: Calling Country

This is a special moment to honour the Dreaming of this place and Australia’s relationship with this story. In addition, there will be live performances at the Sydney Opera House and dazzling visual projections.

9:15 pm: Harbour of Light Parade

Sydney Harbour is illuminated with ships gliding across the water, enchanting spectators of all ages. Each vessel is decorated with colour changing lights, dazzling the crowds and adding to the unique choreography as they dance in the harbour.

Midnight: Fireworks Display

We celebrate the start of the new year in spectacular fashion. The display features a huge range of pyrotechnic effects launched from firing points on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and barges in the harbour.

Why Should I Experience Sydney’s New Year’s Eve From a Boat?

Experiencing the world-famous fireworks at Sydney Harbour is iconic and should be done properly. Too many times I have heard people complain about the expectation versus reality of viewing the fireworks from some of the most popular vantage points. Sure, the idea of ringing in the new year with loved ones while standing underneath the Opera House. However, more often than not, the expectation is way more magical than reality! Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should be spending this New Year’s Eve on your own private charter with Sydney Boat Hire.

No More Crowds!

Possibly the most intriguing reason as to why experiencing New Year’s Eve on the harbour is best, is the fact that it is just you and the ones you love most. As we mentioned before, more than 1 million people flock to Sydney to see the fireworks for a few hours- that’s crazy! And with crowds come; congested footpaths, full bars, restaurants, and clubs, and of course stupidly long lines for the bathroom! The bar and bathroom lines will always be short, which means that there is more time to view the fantastic fireworks!

Fabulous Views!

Not only will you have more time to view the fireworks, but you will also have a panoramic view of them! Viewing the fireworks from land means that there is every opportunity for someone to park a spot right in front of you and obscure your view. From the harbour itself, you are guaranteed breathtaking views as you can move around our spacious boats! 

Food and Drinks Galore!

By hiring your own private charter for New Year’s Eve, you are treated like an A-list celebrity- having your every want and need to be catered to. On some of our charters, you have the option to have a catered menu with food service, so you don’t have to lift a finger. In terms of popping open the bubbly as the clock turns over, being on your own private charter means that you will be able to do just that! In many of the best vantage points on land, you are not allowed to BYO, and the drinks that are available are offered at a premium price! 

Where Are The Best Vantage Points?

According to the official Sydney New Year’s Eve website, there are a few great spots to watch the fireworks from at sea. Keep in mind that it is recommended to move into position well before sunset, as popular spots fill up quickly.

North-West of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

This includes; Clarkes Point, Greenwich Ferry Jetty, Manns Point, Balls Head, Berrys Bay, and Lavender Bay.

South-West of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 

This includes; Mort Bay, Ballast Point, and Snails Bay.

North-East of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

This includes; Neutral Bay, Shell Cove, Mosman Bay, and Athol Bay.

South-East of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

This includes; Farm Cove, Woolloomooloo Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay, and Rose Bay.

How Do I Book?

Now that you understand why Sydney attracts over 1 million a year for their firework displays, why you should experience the display from a boat, and where you can get the best vantage point from the ocean, you are probably wondering what comes next. 

Sydney Boat Hire charters out of 100 vessels to the public. And lucky for you, we still have some available for hire this New Years Eve!

To experience New Year’s Eve in Sydney differently this year, call 02 8765 1222, email sales@sydneyboathire.com.au or fill out a contact form and speak to one of our friendly staff members. We will help you #createyourownvoyage and have the most memorable night ever!