How To Plan The Perfect Yacht Birthday Party?

Do you want to throw a birthday party to remember? There are so many options for how to make your day extra special, but if you really want to go all out, then a birthday party on a yacht will give you an event you will never forget. What better way to enjoy the gorgeous water and truly relax and party in luxury? It is sure to be more exciting than cutting the cake in your own home!

However, a yacht birthday party takes a little more planning than going for dinner at a restaurant. There are some extra steps you might want to take before finalising your plans. Whether you are throwing a party for yourself or someone else, read to discover our guide for how to plan the perfect yacht birthday party.

What’s your budget?

It is a rare party when money is no object, so think carefully about how much you want to spend on your yacht birthday party. This will help a lot when you are thinking about the other elements of your party, such as how many people you wish to invite.

Where do you want your party to be?

Where you have your yacht party matters. What area would you like to be in; do you want to be near to the city or the beach? If you are looking to enjoy watersports during your yacht party, this might change where you have it, or you may wish to disembark for another reason. Think this through before booking, and if you are arranging the party for someone else, make sure you know them well enough to plan their perfect yacht party.

How many people can attend?

A very important element is how many people can attend. Some smaller yachts can only accommodate a dozen people, while larger and more luxurious yachts may be able to accommodate over ninety people. It isn’t just about the size of the yacht though; you will want to consider whether you want a big party or a small and intimate gathering. There is a place for both, so weigh up the pros and cons before deciding on that all important guest list.

Do you have a theme?

Whether you are having a big party or a quiet dinner with a few close friends, you may want to consider a theme. You can throw a lavish and fun costume party and theme your music and food accordingly, or just ask your guests to dress to the nines and enjoy some good food and good company. It’s up to you!

Is the weather right for the event?

Even with some of the sunniest and warmest weather in the world, you should consider the time of year of your party. If it’s a scorcher of a day or if there is likely to be rain, you may want to have more covered spaces. Make sure you discuss this with the boat hire company ahead of time; you may wish to delay your party until a time when the weather is more likely to be exactly what you want it to be.

What are you serving?

Food and drink are two of the most memorable parts of any party, even one that takes place in such an incredible location. Do you want to have a full meal laid out for your birthday party, or are a few snacks enough for your big day? Is your food and drink going to need to match a specific theme? Whatever you decide, there will be a choice for you, whether you want special cocktails, or have unique dietary requirements that need to be catered for. Just try and get plenty of notice from your guests so they can be accommodated.

How much would you like to be organised for you?

This is a big question. If you are a party planner extraordinaire who loves to have your finger on the pulse of every detail, then you will want to arrange every element of your party. However, if your busy life is keeping you from planning the party you want, or you just aren’t sure where to start, talk to your yacht hire company. Thinking about music, decorations, refreshments and more can be difficult, so think about talking to some professionals to create the perfect day.

Are you excited about the possibility of planning your own yacht birthday party? Before you start thinking about the food, what you want to wear and who to invite, get in touch with Sydney Boat Hire. We have a range of different yachts perfect for events of nearly all sizes, with a variety of packages to suit your special requirements. Get in touch to see how we can help you to make your birthday the best one ever as you set sail on a stunning yacht.