When to Hire Private Luxury Yacht Charters in Sydney?

Hire Private Luxury Yacht Charters in Sydney

If you want to treat friends, family, or colleagues to an exclusive party, you can’t do much better than a private luxury yacht charter in Sydney. With options available for crewed and uncrewed charters, as well as the chance to order catering, entertainment, and themed decoration for your vessel, a charter can be customized to suit the needs of any party. As experienced providers of high-end yacht hire Sydney-based, we frequently get asked when a charter is going to be a good choice. Read on to discover some of the many occasions when hiring private luxury yacht charters in Sydney is going to be a fantastic idea.

New Year/Harbour of Light Parade

New Year is always a big occasion here in Sydney, and one of the best ways to celebrate it is on the water. Particularly if you opt for a crewed charter, there’s always the chance your yacht will be included in the parade. If not, there’s nowhere quite like a yacht to get the best views of the Light Parade, fireworks and other entertainment that’s taking place. Why not combine a cruise with dinner on board? Or give guests the opportunity to take part in anything from dancing to an onboard casino experience at the same time as seeing in the New Year?

AFL/NRL Grand Final or the Australian Open

Sporting events are always good occasions for a party – why not invite your friends or colleagues to an off-shore screening of your favourite event, alongside drinks, a buffet and a chance to relax and (hopefully) celebrate the success of your team. A suitably sized screen can be erected on board, giving a great view of the game. Unlike the pub, you’ll all get a seat and can enjoy beautifully prepared food, skilfully served and presented.

Birthday, retirement or family party

One of the advantages of hiring a luxury yacht is that you have complete control over the environment. Because the boat is for your exclusive use, you can ensure an exclusive, intimate ambience that’s perfect for a family gathering or a select group of friends. A cruise is suitable for all ages. Everything from the decor to the food, drinks and entertainment can be arranged to suit your needs. If you would like the privacy and exclusivity that an onboard party can bring, a luxury yacht charter is an amazing choice.

Corporate events

Opting to provide colleagues, business partners and potential customers with a private yacht charter sends out a powerful message that your company is one that’s doing well! The purpose of the charter can be tailored to suit the needs of your business – if you need AV equipment or similar for presentations, that can be brought in for your event. Alongside more formal work tasks, a yacht charter offers the perfect location for networking.


When to Hire Private Luxury Yacht Charters in Sydney? | Sydney Boat Hire


One of the many benefits of a private yacht is its versatility. Suitable for any occasion where privacy, exclusivity and a customized experience are priorities, get in touch to find out more about yacht hire Sydney based.