6 Reasons Why Catamaran Hire in Sydney Makes a Great Choice for Charters in Warmer Months.

The hot Australian summer is just around the corner. We have started thinking about how we are going to be spending it. The staff at Sydney Boat Hire have been feeling inspired to start getting our friends and family together and popping open the champagne to ring in the warmer months. How better to celebrate Australia’s beautiful weather than on one of our many catamarans that are available to charter around Sydney? At Sydney Boat Hire, we are big fans of the humble catamaran. We believe that they are just the perfect vessel for spring and summer parties. Especially if you can enjoy days out with families and friends out on the harbour. Here is a list of just some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a catamaran to sail around Sydney Harbour this upcoming season. 


1. Catamarans are a great sized vessel for summer parties.

Catamarans that are available for hire typically have large inside and outside entertaining areas. Due to their design, catamarans are stable enough to walk around on. This also means they are stable enough to dance on too- so don’t forget to use the onboard stereo! Most of our catamarans that are available for hire on Sydney Harbour can cater for up to around 20 guests. This means that our catamarans are the perfect size for any and all groups. From extended family functions to large friend groups who are ready to ring in the Australian summer and holidays! We love catamarans for summer parties so much that we even suggest hosting a laid back corporate on board for small to medium-sized businesses. 


2. Catamarans give super easy access to the water.

Most catamarans will let you step right into the beautiful Sydney Harbour from your boat hire. It is common for most of our catamarans that are available to hire to have direct ladder access to the water. That means that on those particularly hot summer days in Sydney, you can cool yourself off by taking a dip off of the side of the boat. Just make sure that you have anchored first so that you won’t have to swim to catch up to the catamaran charter!


3. Catamarans have built-in trampolines are great for sunbathing.

A lot of the vessels that we have available for catamaran hire on Sydney Harbour have either one or two trampolines built-in. The bow of catamarans is where you will typically find these built-in trampolines. But the trampolines that are built into catamarans aren’t necessarily for jumping- instead, they provide the perfect place to lounge around and soak up the Australian sun. After you have hopped off the boat for some swimming in Sydney Harbour, dry off before lunch on one of the trampolines on your catamaran hire.


4. Catamarans have indoor cabins that are perfect for a quick nap.

Most catamarans that Sydney Boat Hire has available to charter out have an indoor cabin area that is separate to the common area. These indoor cabins are perfect if you are wanting a mid-cruise power nap to recharge and keep the summer party going. It also offers a quiet area for any little ones on board to go and rest once they have worn themselves out from so much fun!


5. Catamaran hire is an affordable option.

Catamaran hire is typically a more affordable option than the other charters that Sydney Boat Hire has on offer. Most catamaran hires in Sydney also allow you to bring your own food and beverages onboard. Nothing is more quintessential to an Aussie summer than a good old BBQ. Cook up a storm with some snags on the BBQ by bringing your own food. You can also bring your own drinks and keep them chilled in an esky to enjoy with your meal. This makes catamaran hire a great option for anyone looking for an inexpensive alternative when hosting a summer party in Sydney. If you would rather not worry about bringing and cooking your own food, just sit back and relax and let the friendly staff on board take care of the catering with one of the food and beverage packages.


6. Catamarans often have optional kayaks and other water activities.

Catamaran hire with Sydney Boat Hire just keeps on giving in the fun department! Many of the catamarans that we charter have the option to rent kayaks, and other water sports equipment. Each catamaran charter is different though, so be sure to check our listings to see optional extras are on offer. If you would like to use the optional kayaks or other activities that the hire comes with, let us know. 


At Sydney Boat Hire, we offer over 20+ catamarans to hire on Sydney Harbour. From our smallest catamarans available that accommodate parties up to 20 people like; Mintaka and Too Up, to our largest event catamaran that accommodates parties up to 150 people; Coast. 

We recommend catamarans as the perfect summer vessel to hire for; birthday parties, New Years Eve celebrations, Christmas Eve parties, public holidays like The Queen’s Birthday and ANZAC Day, and other celebrations like Harbourlife. Regardless of your event, we will ensure that you will have a memorable experience when booking with Sydney Boat Hire. 


To check out the many options for catamarans, visit our ‘Catamaran Hire in Sydney’ page. There you will find only the best of the best catamarans that are available for hire in Sydney Harbour.

Once you have chosen which catamaran you are interested in chartering, or would like us to recommend one, feel free to get in contact with us. 


To speak to our friendly team at Sydney Boat Hire, you can call us on 02 8765 1222, email sales@sydneyboathire.com.au or talk to us via our website chat.