Best Places To Swim in Sydney Harbour

In this post, we tell you the true local insight and provide you with the best places to swim in Sydney Harbour.

Sydney is blessed to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Our huge harbour is home to great spots for surfing, fishing, boating, and swimming! The team at Sydney Boat Hire have come up with a list of some of our favourite places to anchor a boat hire and jump off for a dip in the sparkling waters. 

Athol Bay

Athol Bay is an unpatrolled bay on the western side of Bradleys Head. It features two small, secluded beaches on its south-facing shore. The smaller of the two, Whiting Beach, has a beautiful and dense vegetation backdrop, and a charming creek. This makes this the perfect stop for exploring and going for a swim in Sydney Harbour.

The beach is relatively shallow, but it becomes deeper as you go out, so it is great for all swimmers. If you aren’t in the mood for a swim, feel free to soak up the rays on the secluded sands, or go for a walk up to Taronga Zoo. 

Possibly the best part about this beach is the spectacular view of the harbour! From Athol Bay, you will have a great view of the harbour bridge- perfect for photos. 

Nearby is Athol Hall where you can stop for some snacks before heading back on your charter.

Athol Bay also has mooring access for boats, meaning that it is very convenient for you and your guests to stop off at. 

Athol Bay is great for a swim in Sydney Harbour

Taylors Bay 

Taylors Bay is great for a swim in Sydney Harbour

Taylors Bay is a quiet and calm option to drop anchor while cruising with Sydney Boat Hire. The ultramarine sea and soft sands makes 

stopping off at this bay irresistible. The beautiful setting of green vegetation and a calm creek just behind the beach is perfect for exploring. 

Hop off your charter once it is docked at one of the many available moors, and dive in. When you aren’t sinking your toes into the sand, head up to one of the easy walking trails for a stroll amongst nature. 

Take in some of the surrounding views of iconic Australian landmarks. The beautiful Clifton Gardens, Opera House, and Sydney Harbour are all just on the horizon. 


Milk Beach

Milk Beach is great for a swim in Sydney Harbour

This small and isolated beach is located within the beautiful Sydney Harbour National Park. Milk Beach offers some spectacular views and i

s one of the harbours most secluded beaches so it is perfect for a swim in Sydney Harbour.

While access to Milk Beach is limited, you can still access it via boat- making it a perfect spot to anchor when on your charter with Sydney Boat Hire. 

Milk Beach is not only perfect for swimming, but also fishing, snorkelling, picnicking, and leisurely walks along Hermitage Foreshore. 




Hermit Bay is great for a swim in Sydney Harbour

Hermit Bay

This bay is also located along the Hermitage Foreshore walk and is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. The small beach that is backed by a grassy area and foreshore homes is perfect for swimming.

Hermit Bay is also a great place for exploring with a small cave in the area. If you are looking to have lunch off of your charter, this is definitely the spot to go! With several picnic tables and a scenic view, you can enjoy your lunch while looking out over the iconic Sydney Harbour. 



Sirius Cove

Sirius Cove is great for a swim in Sydney Harbour

This cove is a beautiful and protected place to swim once you have anchored on your boat charter with Sydney Boat Hire. Sirius Cove is very calm and quiet, so it is the perfect place to go with families. 

What makes this beach unique is that it is dog-friendly! Off-leash access is all day on weekdays, before 9 am and after 4pm on weekends and public holidays. This is a great option for anyone wanting to bring their dog on board any of our self-drive boat hires. 

The grassy and shady area just behind the beach also makes it a perfect option for relaxing with the family and having a picnic. 



At Sydney Boat Hire, we are always recommending our customers to take advantage of the beautiful swimming spots that Sydney has on offer. We think that private charters on catamarans, or hiring out a self-drive presents the perfect opportunity to dock and swim in the ocean. If you are on your own private charter, make sure you tell us or your skipper which of Sydney’s beautiful beaches you would like to stop at so that we can organise your trip around your requests. If you are hiring a self-drive boat with us, feel free to ask us any questions about the best route to take for swimming in the ocean. We will also make sure that you know how to stop, anchor, and safely get off your vessel

If you want to create your own adventure like swimming in Sydney Harbour and exploring some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches, be sure to contact our friendly sales team at Sydney Boat Hire. 


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