What Is Considered As A Luxury Yacht

If you love spending time on the water, investing in a yacht can be an excellent idea. 

It can be the best place to relax on the weekend after a hectic week or to spend some quality time with your family. Luxury yachts can even be used as long term investments, as people often make them their second homes. 

However, if you are considering purchasing a yacht, the first thing to do is know what a luxury yacht is. Several options are available on the market, and the differences between them are subtle, making it hard to know which would be the most suitable.

That’s why we decided to create this informative guide explaining in detail the different types of yachts available, with a particular focus on luxury yachts. This information will come in handy while selecting one for yourself. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is Considered As A Luxury Yacht? | Sydney Boat Hire

Understanding A Yacht

People often get confused about what makes a yacht different from a large boat, so let’s first understand what a yacht is. Generally, a yacht is considered a sea vessel designed and used specifically for recreational purposes, such as water sports, cruising, fishing, and others.

Yachts are classified into different categories based on various factors, such as their size, propulsion, style, etc. Most yachts are usually large enough to incorporate a cabin that serves as sleeping quarters, a galley that acts as the kitchen, and a head used as a bathroom. Also, due to their large size, they require additional mobility support, as human input alone is not enough.


Different Types Of Yachts

Basically, there are three common types of yachts, sailing yachts, motor yachts, and gulet yachts. These are further subdivided into sports or luxury categories:


1. Sailing Yacht

A sailing yacht is mainly propelled by the wind, which it harnesses using its sails. 


2. Motor Yacht

A motor yacht has single or multiple motors for propulsion.


3. Gulet Yacht

This type of yacht has both sails and motors that propel it forward. 


4. Luxury Yacht

A luxury yacht may be a sailing yacht, motor yacht, or gulet yacht that includes high-end features and finishes and utilises the latest technologies. 


5. Sports Yacht

This type of yacht is specially designed for water sports and other activities like cruising and fishing. It has a sleek design and a powerful motor that can provide faster speeds for cruising than other types. The term sports can be prefixed to different types of yachts, such as sports motor yachts. 


6. Catamaran Yacht

The catamaran yacht comes with two pontoons or hulls, generally made of fibreglass and suitable for use in shallow waters. 


7. Others

Other types of uncategorised yachts include open yachts, cruisers, cabin cruisers, and express cruisers, which are all standard yachts designed for entertainment and cruising purposes. 


Yacht Classification Based On Size

Depending upon its size, a yacht may also be classified as a mega yacht or superyacht. Most yachts are up to 24 metres, with very few yachts exceeding over 80 very expensive metres.   


1. Superyacht

A superyacht generally measures 24 metres or 78 feet at the very least.


2. Megayacht

Mega Yachts are usually over 80 metres or 260 feet and are generally considered to be luxurious. 


Additional Categories Of Yacht

Besides the above categories, yachts can be classified as per their form and function:


1. Classic Motor Yacht

These yachts were built between the 1920s and 1970s, before the invention of modern technology. However, modern yachts can be easily built in the classic style. 


2. Sedan

The sedan yacht is a popular style that has living quarters below the hull and deck space above it. Additionally, the living quarters of this yacht are single-level and fully enclosed.


3. Flybridge

This sedan-style yacht offers a more comfortable living space thanks to an open deck situated above the main bridge.


4. Daybridge

The Daybridge is a multi-level bridge but has a more open design.


5. Enclosed Or Open

An enclosed yacht has access to the flybridge which is enclosed within the living quarters, while the access is open in the case of an open flybridge.


6. Downeast Style

This yacht has a small helm station and a large cockpit but has a smaller form factor. It takes inspiration from the Maine lobster boat, popular in the mid-1900s. 


7. Pilothouse

This is a multi-deck yacht similar to a flybridge with a bigger interior main deck.


8. Sky Lounge

The Sky Lounge has an enclosed area at the top that provides a great view while offering various amenities such as large windows and a sunroof.  


9. Cockpit Motor Yacht

The cockpit area is bigger than the deck area in this type of yacht.


10. Sport Fishing Yacht

Generally used for fishing, this yacht is ideal for rough waters and comes with large storage space and cockpit. 


11. Convertible

Offering the benefits of different types of yachts, the convertible can be used for fishing and as a standard motor yacht. 


12. SUV

The SUV offers the features of a sports yacht and a standard motor yacht.


13. Tri-Decks

This yacht offers three levels of living space that are entirely enclosed.


14. Expedition Yachts

The expedition yacht is ideal for long-range trips with a deeper hull that provides greater stability and comfort. 


Luxury Yacht In Detail

Besides the large size that defines a luxury yacht, a yacht should meet other specifications such as having large-sized cabins, a stateroom and dining room, and more. It should also have a properly equipped galley and the latest media systems to provide an enjoyable experience. Other features that may be present include private theatres, mini-submarines, sauna and steam rooms, etc. 

Generally, luxury yachts are custom-built, so they vary in size and amenities. 


What Is Considered As A Luxury Yacht? | Sydney Boat Hire

Final Words

With this complete list of different types of yachts, it will be easier to identify a luxury yacht from the others. While various options come with different features, most of them can be used for more than one purpose and are suitable for a wide range of activities.

That said, it’s a wrap for the day. Until next time!