Advantages Of Renting A Boat Over Owning One

Boat rides are among the best outdoor experiences you can have when on vacation, especially when visiting areas around Sydney.

Not only can you visit iconic landmarks in the area near the Harbour, but boat rides also provide a fun way to remain active. However, many people do not own a boat, and if that is the case, you might be considering buying or renting one. 

While both have their pros and cons, renting a boat is often a better choice, and here we’ve listed some of the reasons why that is so. So, make sure to go through this guide before making a final decision.


The Benefits Of Renting A Boat


1. Economical

The first and most obvious advantage of renting a boat over buying it is the cost. The initial cost of purchasing a boat is quite high and, depending on the type of boat you purchase, can involve tens of thousands of dollars. Also, modern boats come with several bells and whistles that can take the cost up even further.

Even boats that are not completely new remain expensive, making purchasing them unaffordable for many people. 

When renting a boat, on the other hand, you only need to pay for the time the boat will be in use. The agreed amount will also never be as high as the cost of purchasing it and can easily be adjusted if the use period is extended or reduced. 


2. Involves Less Maintenance

Boats require regular maintenance to keep them performing optimally, and the spare parts and components in a boat can be quite expensive. This is because a boat spends most of its time out in the open even when in storage, and is constantly exposed to the elements. 

Even if your boat is not used for some time, it will still require timely inspection and proper cleaning to keep it in good shape. 

Besides, you may need to pay storage fees to a marina if you do not have the space to store the boat. Add the insurance costs to that, and the overall amount can be quite large. On the other hand, renting a boat requires less maintenance and does not involve any storage fee, helping you avoid a lot of hassle. 


3. Multiple Options

Different types of boats are suitable for different purposes. For instance, a fishing boat is best suited for fishing trips while a yacht may be ideal for family trips. However, a boat suitable for one job may not be that good for another, and once you’ve purchased it, it is your only option for all types of activities.

In contrast, when renting a boat, you can choose from several types designed for different purposes, such as family cruising, fishing, water sports and others. For example, you can rent a fishing boat for fishing purposes or enjoy a weekend getaway by renting a yacht. Such options are only available in the case of a boat rental


4.No Waste

In most cases, boats are not used every day and remain idle most of the time. They are usually used on weekends or during holiday seasons. This means that you will constantly feel that the investment is not worth it since the boat remains unused and sitting in storage most of the time. 

On top of that, keeping the boat in good shape even while it remains idle involves significant expenses. Considering how little time you spend using the boat, renting is a much better option that can still help you enjoy various activities such as family cruises and fishing trips. 


5. Ideal For New Boaters

For new boaters who do not have much experience and are looking to try out this fun pastime, renting a boat might make more sense. This makes boating more accessible to people who may not consider spending time on such an activity. Additionally, you might not be sure whether this activity is suitable for you, and investing in a boat before deciding may not be the best decision.

Likewise, new boaters might not be sure about which type of boat they need, and renting is the best way to get a good look at the various options available. Once you’ve experienced the boating lifestyle and find it worthwhile to buy a boat, you will have a better idea about which one to go for.


6. More Convenient

Another advantage that renting a boat offers over buying one is that you can visit new locations and enjoy new experiences without the inconvenience of making long cruises. There is no need for trailering in the case of a rented boat, as you can visit the location and directly rent a boat from there. 

Compared to lugging your boat along to the destination, renting directly from the location does not involve any hassles.


7. Boats Depreciate

Just like cars, boats also lose their value over time, and their usage is measured in terms of the number of hours the engine has been in use. That means that the more you use your boat, the faster its value depreciates. Ultimately, if you plan to sell the boat, it may not offer worthwhile returns if the value has depreciated by a large amount. 

On the other hand, when renting a boat, you do not need to worry about its long term value, which makes using it all the more enjoyable. There is no nagging worry at the back of your mind that you are further reducing the value of the boat. 


Final Thoughts

Renting a boat eliminates any worries you might have about missing out on all the fun activities that boating entails. At the same time, there is no additional burden to bear that comes with owning a boat. And there are some excellent boat rental services available in Australia, so make sure to do your research to find the best one.